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[Exclusive] CartelSons (Lyon, France) 獨家訪談 Interview 2015

由於小弟本人我(Johnny)已經搬回台灣居住了,面臨的問題就是以後很難有機會面對面採訪歌手,不過好在網路無遠弗屆,還可以用email interview這一招。這次訪問採訪的對象是來自法國Lyon的G-Funk製作人 - CartelSons

1. How did you get the moniker “CartelSons”? 
CartelSons (以下簡稱CS): At the beginning, CartelSons were me and one of my homie. My homie passed away some years ago and i decided to keep that name in legacy. We were kids and we loved gangsters stories from south america like Escobar, Medellin etc. Sons in french means ''sounds'' too.
最早的時候,CartelSons是一個團隊,代表著我和一位好兄弟,但是他在前幾年不幸過世了,之後我就決定維持這個名字來紀念他。我們從小就一同長大、也對於南美洲毒梟的幫派故事 (像是Medellin的Escobar)深深著迷....此外,"Sons"的法語意思就是"Sounds",因此決定命名為"CartelSons"
2. When and how did you start making music? How did you join DPG France?
你是什麼時候開始製作音樂? 另外是什麼機緣下加入DPG France?
CS: I started making music 10 years ago. I began with Syzee. We met each other when i moved to another crib and he was my neighbor lol. It began more easily to work together. Thats when i worked with DPGC artists like Kurupt, Daz, Butch, Soopa or Scoe that they told me "you a DPG France homie". Thats unofficial cause DPG aint got a label right here but it showed the support!
我大概是在十年前開始製作音樂,與好友Syzee一起。他是我某一次搬家之後,住在附近的鄰居 lol,我們兩個合作起來相當得心應手,而當我接觸到來自DPGC的歌手(像是Kurupt, Daz, Butch Cassidy, Soopafly, Scoe..等人)時,他們告訴我 "老兄,你就是我們DPG在法國的兄弟",儘管這並不是正式的合約、因為實際上並沒有真的在法國設立DPG分部,但是這代表著他們對我的支持!

3. What’s your biggest inspirations? What’s your top 5 records of all time?
你最大的啟發是? 可以列出你心目中有史以來最棒的五張唱片嗎?

CS: I grew up on every type of music but im in love with afro american music from every era. Jazz, blues, soul etc but i could find my inspiration on a lot of music like rock, chillout etc. Damn, 5 top records ? Bobby Bland for the blues with "Two Steps from the Blues" and "Reflections In Blue", Sam Cooke "A change is gonna come", 2Pac "Dear Mama" and "When Thugs Cry", Anthony Hamilton "Comin from where I'm from" and Leela James "Prayer"....too many really!
我從小就在各種音樂類型的薰陶下成長,但是我特別鍾愛美國、來自各個世代的黑人音樂,像是爵士、藍調、靈魂樂...等等。但我也從其他音樂中得到啟發,像是搖滾樂或是弛放音樂。挑出五張唱片?該死...這很難,若是藍調的話我會選Bobby Bland的"Two Steps from the Blues"與"Reflections In Blue"Sam Cooke的"A change is gonna come",嘻哈的話則是2Pac的"Dear Mama"與"When Thugs Cry",節奏藍調的話則是Anthony Hamilton的"Comin from where I'm from"與Leela James的"Prayer".......實在太多了,列舉不完!

4. Can you briefly talk about your music production and style?

CS: I produce a lot of different type of hip hop music and right now i try to extend my work. I can begin a track with no ideas, playin some keys, synth etc. I can listen some samples all day and find the right one. It depends of the mood i am at this moment. Thats why i never made and will never make an album with tha same type of music during 15 tracks. West coast is full of influences so imagine Music 
5. You have been working with so many different artists, are there any interesting stories when working with them?

CS: Some artists are only professional. They only do what they have to do and thats it. But i was surprised to see all the artists who are really cool, good chillin. These artists that you can talk with and create a real connection. We got the lazy artists too lol. But i love all cause they show me mad support. If i got a story to tell, it would be when i was on stage with Daz and Kurupt for the 1st album and when i played some beats, they broke their necks and said "Dammmmmn, thats dope shit" ! Here came the "Lifestyle" song with Daz Kurupt Celly Cel CMG and Half Deezy
一些歌手其實是在商言商的,他們只會做完他們份內的事,不會和你有什麼其他互動。但是我也很意外許多歌手是非常酷、非常chillin的,你可以與這些人談天說地,並且建立起良好的互動關係。也有一些歌手是相當懶惰的 lol 不過整體來講,我對他們充滿著敬意,因為他們全部都相當支持我。如果硬要我分享一個故事的話,大概就是當我發行第一張專輯"Drugstore Music"的時候,請來了Daz與Kurupt來一起表演,當我一放下我的beatz,他們兩人驚訝地喊著: "Dammmmmn, thats dope shit!",而當時這首作品就是"Lifestyle" (Feat. Daz, Kurupt, Celly Cel, CMG, Half Deezy)
6. You’re from Lyon. What’s the G-Funk/West coast hip hop scene over there?

CS: In Lyon, we love the westcoast music since day one. We a city from the funk. Old and new persons listen funk music. I remember when i was young all the vets was listening funk and G-Funk music. Old cassettes in some old rides lol
在我的家鄉Lyon,西岸音樂從早期就受到許多人的愛戴,因為我們這個城市受到Funk音樂非常大的影響,不論是老人還是年輕人都是聽著Funk音樂,我還記得在我年輕的時候,那時的老兵們都是聽著Funk與G-Funk、在他們的老爺車裡播放著錄音帶 lol
7. Can you talk about your upcoming albums “Tha Hardworker” this year? What’s the album concept? and are there any other projects working on currently?
以談論一下你即將發行的專輯"Tha Hardworker"嗎? 此外是否還有其他計畫在進行?

CS: I start workin on "Tha Hardworker" last year. Just after the release of "Solo but not alone". Artists with who i work told me "damn again ?? Another one ?? Take your time bro.." lol As soon as i can, i will do it. They gave me the name of Tha HardWorker and are so so surprised about all the names i bring in my music in 2 years. This album is made on some fun and maturity. I lived extra hard facts in my life and i translated on my album. This album is more like the head above the water, the sun after the rain. Some conscious songs will be on it but a lot of maturity in music with guitars, brass etc. More OG's. This album make me think about Drugstore Music in OG with sincerity of Solo But Not Alone. Thats a type of good times between OG's and myself.
I work on the first album of my lil bro Lil Woofy Woof called "Back In The Days" full produced by myself. WC, Richie Rich, E-White, Slip Capone and many others will be on this one. Old G-Funk music with some new aftermath flavours, this album smells so good. The young bro got the same flow as Snoop in 93 '. I work on a south project too with a lot of H-Town artists. We at the beginning but its possible that Trae Tha Truth, Billy Cook, T-Wayne (young generation) and maybe others could appear on that one. I wanna make south ghetto music not club shit. I got young talent like Guttah, Dooch and many others that bring dopeness. I wanna make the same thing in south as i did on the west. I will always work with westcoast artists cause my heart is in the west
我從去年就開始籌備"Tha Hardworker"專輯了,就在我發行前一張作品"Solo but not alone"之後馬上就開始進行。合作的歌手們一聽到我又要開始動工,告訴我"damn 又來了?又要做一張唱片?老兄你應該先慢慢休息才是" ..lol 但是只要我還有力氣還有能力,我就會馬上說做就做,也因為這個緣故,這些歌手們給我取了個綽號"Tha Hardworker",我自己也很訝異在短短的兩年之內自己就已經與許多不同的歌手合作。這張作品充滿著許多樂趣、以及純熟度,我加倍努力、將這份心力灌注到整張作品之中,對我而言,這張專輯的製作過程就像是努力掙扎著浮出水面、然後又如大雨過後的艷陽一般苦盡甘來。一些富有意涵的作品伴隨著純熟的吉他、銅管等聲音,這張專輯令我想起了Drugstore Music的OG以及Solo But Not Alone專輯的真誠,這是一段很棒的時光。
此外我也正在製作我的兄弟Lil Woofy Woof的首張專輯"Back In The Days",由我操刀製作整張專輯,有WC, Richie Rich, E-White, Slip Capone 以及其他許多歌手會參與,老派的G-Funk風格配上一些新的獨特風味,而且我小弟的flow與1993年的Snoop極為相似,這張專輯一定會很棒。除此之外,我也正在做一張南岸風格的專輯,找來許多休士頓(H-Town)的歌手合作,一切都還在初期的階段,但是很可能會有Trae Tha Truth, Billy Cook, T-Wayne以及其他人,我想要做的是南岸幫派音樂、而不是club shit,一些年輕好手們像是Guttah, Dooch等人也為專輯增色不少,我想用以前製作西岸專輯的手法、再去做一張南岸專輯,但我永遠都會與西岸歌手合作....因為我的心永遠屬於西岸。

8. For all those people who don’t know you yet, can you recommend one (or some) of your tracks to them?

CS: I can recommend a lot of different atmospheres.Here is the banger with DPG, Celly Cel, Half Deezy and CMG: https://cartelsons.bandcamp.com/track/tha-doggpound-celly-cel-cmg-conscious-daughters-and-half-deezy-lifestyle More laidback music with Soopafly, Tha Twinz: https://cartelsons.bandcamp.com/track/soopafly-wayniac-tha-twinz-young-dazzie-and-enois-scroggins-l-a-stories Or more conscious and true like Layzie Bone with Baby Eazy, Half Deezy and Johnny Collarossi: https://cartelsons.bandcamp.com/track/layzie-bone-baby-eazy-half-deezy-and-johnny-collarossi-time-fly But i can recommend too my last singles with Snoop Dogg and the other one with Kurupt. Im proud of every song i make. So people have to find their gold in my bandcamp lol https://cartelsons.bandcamp.com/

我可以推薦許多不同的風格,例如這首與DPG, Celly Cel, Half Deezy, CMG合作的生猛單曲"Lifestyle"

 此外也有非常舒服的音樂,像這首與Soopafly, Tha Twinz等人合作的"LA Stories"

如果要比較嚴肅、比較有意識型態的作品,推薦這首與Layzie Bone, Baby Eazy, Half Deezy, Johnny Collarossi等人合作的"Time Fly"。我也很推薦我不久前發行的一些單曲,像是與Snoop Dogg跨刀的一首、以及另一首與Kurupt合作的。我對於我每首作品都相當自豪,所以請大家自己去我的Bandcamp挖寶 lol

9. Where can we follow your music?

CS: everybody can follow me on my twitter, facebook profile, facebook page, instagram, reverbnation 請大家去關注我的社群媒體,像是Twitter, Facebook, Facebook粉絲專頁, Instagram, 以及reverbnation 
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總結:CartelSons是我們第一次嘗試使用email interview的方式,希望大家還喜歡!

2013 - Drugstore Music
2014 - Solo But Not Alone
2015 - Tha Hardworker