2015年9月2日 星期三

[Exclusive] Bad Lucc (Diamond Lane Music) 獨家訪談 Interview 2015

最新一集的email訪談,聯繫上來自加州Watts、隸屬Diamond Lane MusicBad Lucc

Problem & Bad Lucc
Bad Lucc從Snoop Dogg帶出來的團體"Dubb Union" (別名Western Union,由Damani、Bad Lucc、Soopafly組成) 開始展露頭角,後來與Problem成為密切合作的夥伴、推出多首暢銷曲,其中尤以2013年的"Like Whaaat"最為人所知。 

1. Can you introduce yourself? How's the life in the Watts?

Bad Lucc (以下簡稱BL):I am the rapper/songwriter/poet known as "Bad Lucc" and life in Watts is like any other lower class urban city in America........ Fucked Up ! And I mean the mentality of the people. Nothing more!
BL:我是"Bad Lucc",身兼饒舌歌手/作曲者/詩人。我在Watts的生活就跟美國其他任何貧窮的城市一樣.....爛透了!我指的是人們的心態,我真的受不了!

2. When did you start making music? How did you get the moniker "Bad Lucc"?
什麼時候開始玩音樂的?你是如何得到"Bad Lucc"這個綽號?

BL:I started making music in 1998. 1st recorded a track with a friend of mine by the name of Cool-Ade that I went to High School with at a studio known throughout the city as Underground Studios owned by my good friend and a man I consider family, Mr. Randy Thomas........ I got the name Bad Lucc from battling and doing cyphers back in High School. Meant as it was "Bad Luck" to go against me. Sounds corny now but then i thought it was dope. Lol! It stuck and I stuck with it.....
BL:我從1998年開始玩音樂的, 當時我和我高中好友Cool-Ade一起錄製了第一首作品,地點就在Underground Studios - 一個在當地小有名氣的錄音室、由Randy Thomas先生經營,他也是我的好朋友、甚至就像是我的親人。至於我是如何得到Bad Lucc這個綽號的?其實是因為當時我在高中裡到處跟人battling、玩cyphers,只要有人對上我、就要倒大霉 (bad luck) - 所以我把自己取名為"Bad Lucc",聽來有點蠢、但後來我覺得這個綽號其實很屌 lol!所以就這樣一直沿用至今了。 

3. You are one of the original members of Dubb Union. Personally I like this project a lot. How did it happen? Where is it now?
你是Western Union (又稱做Dubb Union)的成員之一,我個人非常喜愛這個團體。可否請你談論這來龍去脈?

BL:My good friend Damani was looking to make a sort of super group with guys from different parts of Southern California. When I met him we just kind of hit it off so we just rocked out and did our 1st mixtape (Jackin for DJs Vol.2). It was dope and the people loved it as well as Soopafly who wanted to contribute to the idea and creativity of the group. We were honored to have him and the rest is history.....
BL:我的好朋友Damani一直想要組成一個超級團體,並且希望成員全部來自南加州。當我遇見他,便一拍即合,馬上一起推出了首張mixtape "Jackin for DJs Vol.2",這張作品大獲好評、人們非常喜歡它,也吸引到Soopafly、讓他願意替我們這個團體貢獻創意與才能。能有這位前輩的加入實在非常榮幸,剩下的就是歷史了...
Dubb Union: Bad Lucc, Soopafly, Damani

Dubb Union - Hat 2 Da Bacc (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
4. After the Dubb Union, you become a solo artist and keep hustling in the game. How did you meet Problem? What do you learn from each other? 
Dubb Union之後,你仍舊持續以solo歌手的身份持續奮鬥。後來你是怎麼遇見Problem的?你們在彼此身上有學到什麼?

BL:I met Problem at a friends studio and we just clicked. That was maybe 10+ years ago. Prob's a great guy. Most talented and super cool individuals. He's like my brother. He even taught me how to record myself int he studio. We're learning from each other daily. Its the perks of being friends with talented people.

5. Without a doubt, "Like Whaaat" is one of the greatest songs from the new west coast generation. Do you remember any interesting memories when making this track? What does this song's success mean to you?
Like Whaaat毫無疑問是新一代西岸嘻哈中最棒的作品之一,這首作品背後有什麼有趣的故事與回憶嗎?這首歌曲的成功對你有什麼意義?

BL:We always had fun doing record, Prob & I. Like Whaaat, was no different. I just remember discussing how we wanted to flip the record and Prob did it almost the next day. Told me to hurry up and get to the studio before he finishes the whole thing for self and I rushed there, top speed just to get that last verse. The success has been priceless. Many more memories came after that and it sent Prob off into another level of fame & fortune like a Hit record is supposed to do.
BL:我們兩人一起做歌的時候總是有許多歡樂,"Like Whaaat"這首作品也不例外。我只記得原本前一天我們還在腦力激盪,隔一天Prob幾乎馬上就快要完成了,當時他打電話叫我火速趕去錄音室、不然就要自己一個人做完這首歌曲,於是我趕到現場,火速錄下了最後一段歌詞,之後這首歌曲一炮而紅。對我來說,這次的成功經驗是無價的,這首歌曲帶來許多美好的回憶,也讓Problem在名氣與財富上提升到了另一個層次。
Problem - Like Whaaat (Feat. Bad Lucc)

6. In other interviews, you mentioned Ice Cube is your musical influence. Can you talk about what's his influences to you? Which album is your most favorite one?
在其他訪談中你提到Ice Cube啟發你很深,可否說明其中原因?你最喜歡哪一張專輯呢?
BL:Ice Cube's "Death Certificate" is my favorite album of all time. Cube was/is the gangsta, the story teller, the poet. All things I would consider myself being.......
BL:Ice Cube的"Death Certificate"是我最喜愛的專輯!Cube曾經是(現在也是)個gangsta、說故事的敘事者、街頭詩人....他擁有的這一切,正是我所努力前進的方向。

7. You just release your debut album "Off The Porch". What's the concept behind this album? Can you recommend some of your favorite songs?
你最近剛推出個人首張專輯"Off The Porch",這張專輯的概念是什麼?請推薦一些作品?
BL:The concept of my album "Off the Porch" was basically showing/telling you what I've seen/experienced since I've been in the streets of LA. Like an Urban news reporter, if you will. The album is a guide on the do's & don'ts of LA street life. Hell, any urban city across America. Very honest, and humble....... 2 of my favorite tracks are "Bobby's World" & "Mr.Officer". It doesn't get more realer than the both of those.....
BL:這張專輯"Off The Porch"的概念基本上就是傳達出我在洛杉磯街頭實際的生活經驗。好比一個都會的新聞記者,這張專輯引導著你,告訴你在洛杉磯哪些事情能做、哪些不能碰。這張專輯發自內心的真誠,我會推薦其中兩首歌曲"Bobby's World"以及"Mr. Officer",沒有什麼能夠比這兩首作品更真實的了... 

8. What artists would you most like to collaborate with?

BL:Ice Cube..... I mean, there's others but I wanna do something HUGE dealing with Social Issues with him on record. Something that could change the world or how its viewed....
BL: Ice Cube...我的意思是,其實有許多人可以一起合作,但我希望能和Ice Cube一起做一些大事、透過音樂來談論社會議題,一些能夠足以改變全世界、或者人們思考方式的東西...

9. How do you feel about the upcoming movie "Straight Outta Compton"?
對於西岸今年最大盛事 - "Straight Outta Compton"電影你有何看法?

BL:The movie was Dope ! 100% No complaints. I've seen it 3 times already. More than impressed with the actors and direction of this film. Excellent!!!!

10. You are working with Diamond Lane music. What's the future goal for you and for the label? How do you continue the legacy, and put West Coast on the map?
你現在隸屬Diamond Lane Music旗下。關於這個獨立廠牌以及你個人的未來目標是什麼?你要如何把西岸嘻哈傳承下去?

BL:I am Diamond Lane Music....... The goal has been what its always been. Become the Dej Jam, Interscope, Motown of the Industry...... Building a Legacy that will live forever! Stay Down and Stay Wit It !!!!
BL: 我本人代表的就是Diamond Lane Music,而我的目標一直以來始終如一:將這個廠牌打造成下一個Def Jam、Interscope、Motown....並且讓他永久流傳下去!Stay Down and Stay Wit It !

11. You're from Watts. Some great artists are from this place as well, such as OFTB, Jay Rock, Glasses Malone...etc. Do you listen to music from your hometown? What other young cats should we know about?
你來自Watts,這裡出產過不少優秀的饒舌歌手,像是OFTB、Jay Rock、Glasses Malone等等,你平常會聽這些來自你家鄉的音樂嗎?有什麼值得我們注意的新人嗎?
BL:I Definitely listen to music from the House. As I'm sure they all do........1 guy you should be looking for is my young boy from Watts that goes by the name of "StoneyThaDealer" (No spaces in his name). He's Diamond Lane's newest artist and is ridiculously talented. He's currently all over Problem's Mollywood 3 album and has a video for his HIT Street Single "White Riviera" which you can find on Worldstarhiphop.com.
BL: 當然啦,我平常都有在關注我家鄉的音樂,我相信其他人也一樣。不過有一個跟我來自同鄉Watts的年輕小伙子,是你們一定要知道的,他叫做"StoneyThaDealer" (中間沒有空格)。他是我們Diamond Lane的最新成員,而他的才能也是相當出眾。他最近在Problem的"Mollywood 3"專輯中有非常活躍的演出,此外也有一支音樂錄影帶"White Riviera",紅遍大街小巷,你們可以在Worldstarhiphop網站上觀看。
Problem - White Riviera (Feat. StoneyThaDealer)

12. As one of the successful artists from the west, can you give some advice to young upcoming artists? 身為一位成功的西岸歌手,你有什麼建議可以給後進晚輩?
BL:Do what you feel in your heart and NOT what everyone else is doing it JUST because it seems profitable. Trust me when I tell you you're going to feel like shit if you do........

13. Where can we follow your music? What's your next move after "Off The Porch"?
哪裡可以追蹤你的動態?Off The Porch之後的下一步是什麼?

BL:Soundcloud.com/Badlucc // Diamondlanemusicgroup.com || After "Off The Porch" comes bigger and better music. Real Rap shit! Im back on my Grizzly !!!!!! 100

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