2015年6月19日 星期五

[Exclusive] Chuuwee (Sacramento, CA) 獨家訪談 Interview 2015

最新一集的email interview,找來了來自北加州Sacramento的新生代饒舌歌手Chuuwee
出道至今,Chuuwee已發行超過二十張mixtape,並且在2015年與來自德國的知名製作人團隊JR & Ph7合作推出專輯"The South Sac Mack"

1. Can you talk about your music career? 
Chuuwee(以下簡稱CH):I have been writing poetry and music since I was about 7 years old. I initially started because of my mother, she had a home studio set up in her room. I started actually recording music when I was in 8th grade. I was in this group called "Da Squad" and ironically I was considered the worst in the group. After some time I eventually grew into the learning process of it and actually wanted to make something of it rather than just be a rapper. 
我從七歲的時候就開始寫詩詞、創作音樂。 一開始我是受到母親的影響,她自己就有一套錄音設備放在臥房當中,在耳濡目染之下,我在8年級的時候嘗試錄製音樂。當時我所屬的團體叫做"Da Squad",諷刺的是,我算是團體裡面實力最弱的團員。隨著時間過去,我在這學習過程中逐漸成長,並且也開始想不僅只做一個rapper而已。

2. What are your biggest inspirations? What are your favorite albums of all time that influence you the most?
CH:My biggest inspirations are my parents, JayZ, and Allen Iverson. My parents because they're the most driven people I've ever known in my life. By any means necessary is an understatement. JayZ because he perfectly embodies the ideal of a hustler to me, get every dollar and then some, Allen Iverson because he arrived on being unique and true to himself something that I preach daily. No matter what I refuse to be anything other than myself. My favorite albums of all time , Lupe Fiasco's The Cool, JayZ's Reasonable Doubt, MF Doom's Mmm...Food , & Gucci Mane's Return Of Mr. Zone 6 just to name a few. 
這輩子影響我最大的是我的父母, Jay Z, 以及Allen Iverson。我的父母是我所認識的人當中最積極進取的,他們會嘗試任何一切方式來達成目標。Jay Z,則是因為他完美體現出Hustler的態度,Allen Iverson則是因為他總是能有自己獨特的風格並且保持真實,不管怎樣,我也總是保持最真實的自我。我最喜愛的專輯有很多,像是Lupe Fiasco的"The Cool",Jay Z的"Reasonable Doubt",MF Doom的"Mmm...Food",Gucci Mane的"Return Of Mr.Zone 6"....等等。
3. Can you briefly talk about your music style? Personally I really like your flow, and your lyrics perfectly reflect true stories and struggles. 
CH:My musical style I would say has to be Realism. I focus solely on telling true life stories that any and everyone can relate too. Some people listen to music to live through another artists, some people just like to party, I focus on touching every aspect of my life and what happens to me in a way that whomever is going through the same situation can gain some insight or peace of mind knowing that they aren't the only one who went thru this. I'm not very much into gloating and trying to prove myself so I just speak on what I know. 
4. You have been working with different artists, such as Cookin' Soul, Lee Bannon, Large Professor, as well as many others. I really love your project "The South Sac Mack" with JR & Ph7. How did you get connect with them? Can you talk about the experiences when making this album?
你與許多歌手或製作人合作過,像是Cookin' Soul, Lee Bannon, Large Professor...等等,其中我最喜愛的是與JR & Ph7合作的專輯"The South Sac Mack",你能分享一下專輯製作的經驗嗎?
CH:I linked up with JR & PH7 thru the internet actually. A former friend of mines was doing some music with them and they reached out and wanted to do a song for one of their albums. As time went on we did more and more work together, I even hosted one of their mixtapes and did quite a few features for them on their album "The Good Life", eventually Jorg just threw out the idea of doing a whole album together and I was stoked. 
我與JR & PH7是透過網路認識,我的一位朋友曾經與他們合作過,後來JR & PH7發現了我、進而想要跟我合作一首單曲。隨著時間過去,我們雙方合作越來越頻繁,我甚至還幫他們host了一張mixtape,此外也在他們的專輯"The Good Life"登場多首作品。最後Jorg (外號JR)拋出了我們一起做一張合作專輯的想法,而我也樂見其成。

有興趣的朋友可以去Below System Records的YouTube頻道觀看專輯製作的概念與過程。

5. How is the life in South Sacramento? 
你的家鄉 - South Sacramento的生活是怎麼樣的?
CH:South Sac is goo and bad. There's still a lot of heavy crime and all that going on but on the plus side they're doing a lot of renovations, putting more restaurants and new stores an spots up. It used to be kind of dry out there accept for the few little stores and plazas we did have otherwise you had to go kind of far for good clothing stores or anything other than fast food. I live in San Diego but I go back to Sac almost every month or 2. 
South Sac(南沙加緬度)有時好、有時壞。現在仍然不斷有許多重大刑案發生,但是也有好的一面,現在他們不斷翻新整座城市、越來越多的商店與餐廳林立。以前那邊可說是一片荒蕪,附近只有極少數的商店與商場....除非你跑去很遠的其他地方,才能找到像樣的服飾店、或是速食店以外的餐廳。現在我已經搬到San Diego居住了,但是我還是會每一兩個月回去一次。
6. Are there any other projects working on currently?
CH:I just turned in my final album with Amalgam Digital titled "Economics". It will be dropping toward the end of July. I'm also currently in the mixing and mastering sessions to some follow ups to a few of my classics, Be Cool 2 being one of them. I can't give away too much right now but things are definitely heating up and I'm cooking I promise. 
我才剛完成新專輯"Economics",交由Amalgam Digital發行,預計在七月底推出。此外我目前已經在後製一些作品,像是我以前發行過的經典專輯的續作,例如"Be Cool 2"。目前不能透露太多,但是我保證會有越來越多的屌貨。
7. For all those people who don’t know you yet. Can you recommend some of your tracks to them?
CH:I would recommend Reign, Chez Chit, Post Mortem, Time, South Sac Get The Money, Important, & Spiced Weed to first time listeners of my music just to get a feel I my diversity.  
我會推薦Reign, Chez Chit, Post Mortem, Time, South Sac Get The Money, Important, & Spiced Weed 等單曲,給那些第一次接觸我的聽眾,這會讓他們了解到我音樂的多樣性。

8. Through out years of hard work, you have been featured in XXL, Forbes, 2DopeBoyz, HipHopDX, DJBooth, AllHipHop, and a lot of media. What's your secret to success? Are there any suggestions for new upcoming rappers?
經過多年來的奮鬥,你已經登上許多主流媒體,像是XXL, Forbes, 2DopeBoyz, HipHopDX, DJBooth, AllHipHop等等,你成功的秘訣是什麼?有沒有建議能提供給饒舌新人?
CH:Networking and politics are the only secrets to my success that I can give away at least. Just be everywhere you can and try to meet as many people as possible. Connection are what propel most careers farther than talent or money ever could so it's very crucial to rub elbows and take notes. 
9. Where can we follow your music?
Twitter & IG:@EL_Ch3z